Video Conferencing Components

This device compresses and decompresses the video and audio signals. In a conference room system the codec is the core device. In a PC based system it is usually software running on the PC.

Conference room systems have one or two large video monitors, one displays the remote parties, and a second may be used to show the local participants. PC based systems use the computer’s monitor.

Conference room systems may come with a high quality camera built into the main unit and be able to zoom, pan and tilt and allow the camera to follow the speaker’s voice or follow pre-designated instructions. The other party can also control the camera remotely. In some applications a document camera may be used to transmit other information In PC desktop systems the camera is usually very small and sits on top of the computer monitor.

Most videoconferencing systems come with a high quality microphone that can be place on the conference table. Additional microphones can also be connected. In PC desktop systems the microphone is usually very small and sits on the desktop.

These devices are used with ISDN systems to convert the ISDN into a format for your videoconferencing system. Each ISDN requires its own NT-1; there is also an NT-3 and an NT-4, which handle 3 and four ISDN lines respectively.

Equipment Stands and Carts
Conference Room systems often use stands and carts to keep and store equipment. Usually the monitor, codec and camera sit on top of the cart and the other equipment is stored below.

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